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Step One


It is vital to get rid of the heavyweight other people put on you. It’s even more important to lose the weight you put on your self because that will kill you! Others weighing you down is bad enough. There are times you feel like your shoulders are so tired for no reason. I want you to stop and think when this happens about the stress and weight piled on you from other people.


That load is terrible enough, but when you do this to yourself, it is the worst! You can get to a point in your life; you can’t even get out of bed, and it’s your own doing. You are worrying yourself to death or taken on more than you can chew.


What you will find is no one is as harder than you are on yourself. On the one hand, you have outside people gnawing at you, but when that gnawing comes from within you, it’s worse. Drop the weight of self-doubt.


Step Two


Take the plunge, jump into a business, and just start building. If there weren’t people willing to do this we wouldn’t have anything today. The first builders, inventors, everything we have now was just a dream someone had and wasn’t afraid of jumping in and starting. I will tell you this is one of the hardest parts about building a business. Yes, it is scary and yes it is so worth it.


Step Three


Don’t be afraid to fail. You will fail. Failing is like a right of passages for those that want to be successful. The more you fail the faster you learn. You reach over grabbing a pan off the stove with no potholder you get burned right? How fast did you learn that lesson? Get it?


The same concept goes for building your business or anything you might undergo the more you fail, the more and faster you learn. You in essence fail your way to the top. I’m going to tell you right now as well, it’s NOT something to be ashamed of, listen to me because failing or perceived failing is what causes people to quit. When in fact you haven’t failed at all, up until you quit.


Step Four (In closing)


I want to leave you with this, you can either do your best to follow your dreams and succeed or don’t try and fail just because you never started. If you try you will never be a failure even if you never reach your dream. You at least tried and that’s the biggest success of all.


Lose all the negative in your life that you can because that’s the weight that slows us down and in time kills us. Do not let others do this to you and by all means, do not don’t do this to yourself. When a bird takes off flying from the rooftop, he leaves the building behind if he didn’t he would never fly and neither will you!


Susan Boston

Cultivate and Motivate

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