Get to Know Me!

Susan Boston




I’m a wife, mom, and grandma living in Wise County, TX, on our ranch. I work from home and love it, I think everyone should!


I was born and raised in the Oklahoma, Arkansas area but lived most of my life here in Texas. My chosen career was being a radio disk jockey; it was my dream as a kid.


It wasn’t as easy to get into as I had thought, but when I got ready to do it, I did whatever it took. I was not sorry; it took some work. My goal in life now is to help others achieve their dreams as I did in any way I can.  I believe in the theory of cultivating and motivating others.


I have a servant’s heart and I love to think! I ponder on life a lot, even more, these days, but I have a feeling I’m not alone! I love learning things and weird stories and experiences. I’m hoping those that like the same things will find me and enjoy my blog. 


Susan Boston