Warning In My Opinion 2 wrongs don’t make a right!


I already know there will be no comments on this post due to fear. 


The statement I just made, because I live here in the United States of America, saddens me. I also am saddened that what I’m about to say will invoke those protesting the racial issues to assume I’m racist; I am not. Women are going to say I am unsympathetic to the abuse of women; I am not. I also do not condone violence of any kind. Many will feel I’m okay with Police Abuse. I am so not. I think our officers, regardless of the branch, should be held to a higher standard. 


I also do not believe in sympathy due to race or gender. When I first saw this video, my thought was, “What is this person thinking of getting up in someone’s face?”  First, there is the Covid-19 concern for her and him. Second, there is the antagonizing manner in which this person approached another person. Then came the punch, which was awful and shocking, almost bring me to the point of feeling the connection myself.   


The initial shock wore off, and when it subsided, my critical thinking started, and this is a question I want to ask others. How many people would do this same thing, given the confrontational matter at hand? Don’t get me wrong I’m NOT saying what happened was right. It was no more right than riots, murders, or anything else, and it was a vicious attack.


What I am saying is, wouldn’t this be a reaction many people would have if someone were up in their face? I do feel like this officer should be fired and brought to justice. I do not believe the officer should take the full brunt of the criticism. 


 It seems like here in 2020, America too many people seem to think they can do (or not do, depending on the situation) whatever they want, and there will be no adverse actions. Unforuntanaly, with the spineless government, we now seem to have, the thought process is pretty much right on target. It’s not just government that’s cowered down. We are all losing our freedoms as human beings, and no one sees it, or if they do, they are so afraid of offending someone they ignore the problem thinking it will just go away.


In Closing Let Me Say This

Regardless of gender, race, religion, politics, or any other volatile situation, two wrongs do NOT make a right. I know this post will look controversial when, in fact, it’s just the truth. I pray the woman is alright, and the officer gets what he deserves. 



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