You Can Find Ways Control Anxiety

If you find yourself suddenly dealing with fear like never before you need to read this, there are ways to control Anxiety


Are media outlets like News and Social Media reports, about to drive you insane? 

The coronavirus, does anyone in the world not know this word? Is there anyone, that hasn’t looked at this picture more times than your children’s baby pictures?

When this virus came out, did you think, “Oh my God, what next?” Wrong question! When you ask things of the Universe, you get answers.



Chaos is everywhere, dare we ask the question what next? Sure, why not? The Universe has the answer.


Universal Irony


Reports from Healthline and other reporting sources say antidepressants are possibly in short supply! Well, there you go!

Say what? 


Since getting hit with the double whammy of (COVID-19) and the well-meaning but unthinking public demonstrations.

Along with unnecessary riots, it’s natural for even those not suffering from Anxiety, Depression, and Panic Attacks to turn to antidepressants. 

The demand for regular users of antidepressants was already high then made worse with the slowdown and shutdowns in the production industry of these drugs.

Now we have those with Anxiety facing world problems, and fear of not being able to get their medications. Add to that those now needing a medication they never needed before.


How to Control Anxiety

(But, Know What Type You Suffer From)

External and Internal

External and Internal Anxiety are two different things, they should be handled in two different ways. 

External Anxiety is a major issue today. With all the unrest caused by, health issues, the virus, riots, and division of pretty much everything, it’s no wonder antidepressants are flying off the shelves. 


It is external Anxiety, I am addressing in this post. If your Anxiety started recently along the lines of The Corona Virus here are some things you can do and it will help.


  1. Stay away from the Media 
  2. Listen to calming music
  3. Keep yourself busy
  4. Realize, you have no control, over what others do.


You have to learn to stay away from media sources as much as possible. I realize it’s everywhere and extremely hard to avoid but try! Don’t engage in the mindless banner on social sites all they are good for is arguing.

Then there’s the News, again watch it sparingly. News channels thrive on any kind of chaos by stirring up emotions. Let me show you an example:

While watching the news one morning after a smaller tornado caused some minor damage in a town. I was surprised at the theatrical drama in a reporter’s voice at a tree blown over. I’m not judging, that’s their job, I did chuckle at the time about it.


However, you put that same comical theatrical drama in the context of a pandemic or on video murder, and you have a whole new ballgame! It’s sad and horrible and you will hear it over and over. Turn the channel, watch something else.

Use music or nature sounds whichever you like to soothe you. If you are spiritual, turn to your beliefs. If those are not something you like, turn to what you like, maybe it’s sports. 

Take less pondering time, keep yourself on the go and busy. Your idle thoughts can drive you crazy if you let them. Keep your mind and body busy it will lessen your worry.

Realize, you can not control those things happening in the world today. We tend to think as we watch things unfold, somehow we are responsible for fixing it, we are not. The sooner you realize you can’t fix the world by yourself the better off you will feel. 


If you suffered from Anxiety, before the virus and riots, and have not sought help, then you should. If you can’t shake this on your own you can see a professional.

There are ways to control Anxiety, but if you don’t control it, I promise you, it WILL control you. 


Susan Boston      














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